Scuba Equipment Service

Scubanautics has the largest service centre in the state, servicing equipment and testing cylinders for both our retail customers and servicing for over ten other West Australian dive stores and a few Eastern States stores.

All equipment is completely dismantled and immersed in a state of the art ultrasonic cleaner and serviced by factory trained technicians to manufacturers specifications.

All servicing includes a 6 month warranty on labour.

*** SERVICE CHARGES DO NOT INCLUDE PARTS (Parts are replaced as required)


Cylinder Hydro Test/Annual (includes air) $35.00

Fibre Wrapped Cylinders $50.00

K-Valve on cylinder (includes o-ring kit) $15.00

Rotary wire brushing Cyls (hourly) $55.00

Decontaminating cylinders (oil etc) $13.20

Pneumatic spear gun $49.50

FULL Reg Set(1st Stage/2nd Stage/Occy & Guage) $85.00

Regulator First AND Second stage $50.00

Regulator First stage $35.00

Alternate Air OR Second stage $25.00

Gauge $10.00

BCD (Including standard inflator) $25.00

BCD (including integrated Alternate/Occy) $35.00

Hydro Test and O2 Clean Cyl & Valve $76.00

COMPUTER BATTERY CHANGE (Includes Pressure Test)

Aladin SPORT/PRO (side door model) $55.00

Aladin SPORT/NITROX /PRO (oil filled) $125.00

Aladin ONE/PRIME/2G $22.00


Aladin SMARTCOM $99.00

Aqualung MATRIX $22.00

Cressisub EDY $55.00

Genesis RESOURCE $22.00

Mares NEMO $55.00

Mares PUCK $22.00

Oceanic VEO $22.00

Sherwood WISDOM $22.00

Suunto D Series $82.50

Suunto Mosquito (Inc. Battery Door) $35.00


SuuntoSpyder/Stinger $82.50

And most other computers

* Scuba in poor condition or other equipment not listed is charged at $66.00 per hour

* All warranty claims are to be accompanied by appropriate paperwork or all parts will be charged at time of pickup.
* Estimates provided at no charge.

* Written quotes provided for $22.50. If equipment is then serviced, quote fee is deducted from service charge.