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Catching Crayfish & Abalone

Heading out to catch crayfish and abalone….?

– Don’t forget to check over your gear and ensure it is serviced regularly (annually) so it is in good working order. Scuba equipment with salt crystals on it that have been left in storage over winter can cause corrosion and operational problems.

– Ensure your cylinder has been Hydro Tested and filled ready to go. Check the valve handle for any corrosion (this should also be serviced every 12mths – 2 years).

– Carry your Recreational Fishing licenses with you.

– Know the bag limits and stick to them to ensure future stock.

Click HERE for more information on obtaining a Recreational Fishing License & Bag Limits.

* Make sure you have a Recreational Skippers Ticket if you are operating a vessel.

Be safe…..Have Fun….and only take what you need!