The PATHFINDER Closed Circuit Rebreather

PATHFINDER Closed Circuit Rebreather

The PATHFINDER Closed Circuit Rebreather.

Scubanautics has arranged exclusive release in Australia of the Pathfinder….the future of diving!

*** NOW IN-STORE ***
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The PATHFINDER is the perfect rebreather for the scrutinizing, minimalist diver who wants simplicity, performance and ease of travel. A true end user product without unnecessary expence and complexity.
* Ultra lightweight
* Low profile
* User friendly
* Modular
* Streamlined

Includes ISCan Electronics:
The next generation electronics developed by Innerspace Systems Corp to power the new Pathfinder rebreather. ISCan is a Controller Area Network system based upon proven ISO standards used in the automotive aerospace and defence industries.

ISCan is a digital network designed to allow independent devices to communicate and interact with each other. Handsets, HUDS and various sensors can operate independently and in concert to increase safety, redundancy and to reduce single points of failure.

PRICE: (RRP $10,752)
$9949 – Pathfinder Unit
(Includes Course & consumables during dives)
This system is multi functional…use it as your Primary Recreational Rebreather OR as a Side Mount Unit OR as a bailout to your primary CCR. (Closed Circuit Rebreather).

Minimum Certification:
You must be Advanced Nitrox Certified
Course Duration: 4 Days