HMAS Perth

On 24th November 2001 at 8.00am the former HMAS Perth II was finally laid to rest, to create the first Artificial Dive Reef in the King George Sound of Albany. The former Perth is the newest edition to the establishment of a dive trail around the coast of Australia.

The Albany community welcomed this wonderful new tourist attraction to Albany with open arms and encourage all to come and swim, snorkel and dive the wreck. Already the ship is becoming a new home for many species of fish and marine life. The HMAS Perth is a 133m long destroyer with a depth range from 0 – 35m.

With the ships mast out of the water, bridge, gun, radar, heads and other
interesting maritime artifacts being intact, offering opportunity for wreck penetration and training. Check for the live webcams.
Cheynes III is the first ‘prepared’ dive wreck in the southern hemisphere, scuttled in 1982 she sits in 22m of water. Both of these artificial reefs are teaming with tropical & subtropical marine life like the rare Leafy Seadragon, delighting photographers from all over the world. Both wrecks are nestled within the King George Sound with visibility up to 25m +