On December 14th 1997, the HMAS SWAN ended her 26 years with the Australian Royal Navy. Her final resting place now lies in a bed of sand, in 30 metres of water, off the South West Coast of Western Australia in Geographe Bay, creating an artificial reef for corals and marine life.

The SWAN has now become a popular dive site; being the first ship in the Southern Hemisphere to be sunk as a dive wreck. Measuring 112m in length, 21m in height and 13m in width, she is truly a spectacular site. Situated 1.3 nautical miles off Point Piquet, Meelup, at a latitude of 115.06’2′ East and a longitude of 33.33’2′ South.

Their is an abundance of sea life taking advantage of the SWAN as their new home.
Batfish swim around the Crow’s nest, large schools of Bullseyes inhabit many rooms, with King George Whiting and Brim swimming around the hull. The inquisitive Samson Fish give divers an added bonus when looking around the wreck, along with Dhufish, Shaw’s Cowfish, Blue Devil, Sweep, Talma; the list goes on. Not only is there fish, plant life is starting to grow on and around the wreck with several Flowering Soft corals, Seagrass, Hydroids and Coral Formations. There is more and more growth every year.

* Booking is essential to avoid disappointment, and the best diving months are from November to May. Dives can be arranged in June and September/October but it is weather dependent.

* Charters are subject to minimum numbers.