PADI Specialty – Deep Diver Course Starting at $365 ***


You are in 39 metres of water,

everything is blue-grey, you pass your torch over the reef and a myriad of colours explode before your eyes, a touch of narcosis creeps in as you marvel at the corals and creatures not seen at shallower depths. You check your gauges as the limit approaches quickly. Time for one last peek into the hold of the wreck, then it is up to the 5 metre mark for your safety stop.

PADI Deep diver course

The aim of the Deep Diver Course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning,procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of diving between 18 metres to 40 metres. The course is intended to serve as a safe, supervised introduction to deeper diving within the limits of recreational SCUBA diving. Training will develop your theoretical knowledge of deep diving and enable you to plan, organise and make no-decompression dives.


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent rating. Minimum age requirement 15 years.

Your investment includes:

PADI Deep Diver Manual, all tuition, and four boat dives. With two of the dives conducted on the former HMAS Swan

  • Complete SCUBA unit including alternate air source & gauges
  • Computer or timing device
  • PADI RDP tables
  • Dive knife
  • Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, wetsuit/drysuit
  • Safety sausage
  • Weight belt and weights
  • Underwater slate and pencil
  • Compass
  • Logbook
  • 2 passport style photographs
  • In addition we recommend you bring a diving torch
Course Content:

One evening and one weekend

***Price may vary depending on location***