Yes we swim

Yes we swim

Data from rock lobster tagging has shown that two female rock lobsters trekked more than 400 kilometres in the space of three months.

Both were tagged and released off Fremantle in December 2014 and travelled an average of more than five kilometres a day, with one recaptured off Dongara in mid-February 2015 and the other caught a week later west of the Abrolhos Islands.

More than 210,000 lobsters were tagged as part of the project – jointly run with the Western Rock Lobster Council with support from the Fisheries Research Development Corporation.

The project is helping our researchers determine factors such as movement, growth and mortality, which will aid the continued sustainability of our lobster stocks, vital information in the management of the fishery.

If you catch a tagged lobster, you can send the details using the FishTagWA app, by email, or phone us on 9203 0111.

If the tagged lobster is undersize, berried or you have already exceeded your bag limit, return it to the water with the tag still attached.

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