Welcome Aboard

* Amazing Limestone Reefs
* 15-20 metre visibility
* Massive Caves and Swim Thru’s
* Schooling Fish, Rays & beautiful sponges
* Plus, the occassional visit from whales and dolphins

Double Dive $165 (Must be certified Diver)
Rottnest Trip. Double Dive.
Includes Lunch, Tea/Coffee/Biscuits & Water.

* Price DOES NOT include any gear.
* You need to bring ALL Scuba & Snorkelling gear.
*** ONE CYLINDER is required ***

There is no compressor onboard for filling cylinders.
Snorkeller – $115.00
Rottnest Trip. Snorkelling. Includes Lunch, Tea/Coffee/Biscuits & Water * Price does not include gear.
Additional Passenger: (Adult or child) $100.00

Scubanautics Equipment Rental
* Rental equipment is to be collected from Scubanautics by the Diver the day prior to the charter (from 4pm onwards) and taken with them on the day. Hire equipment is to be returned to the store at the end of the day or early the following morning.
$70 – Full Rental (Scuba Unit, Snorkelling Gear & 1 x Cylinder)
$40 – Scuba Unit (BCD, Reg’s& 1 Cylinder)
$17.50 – 1st Cylinder
$10.00 – 2nd Cylinder
$20 – Snorkelling (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Wetsuit)
$7.50 – Weight belt

– 70ft Cat – “Blue Destiny”
Departure: 8:15am arrival/8:30am Departure
Endeavour Jetty via Mews Road
(Fishing Boat Harbour – Fremantle).
Jetty is located approx 100metres from Little Creatures Brewery.
Returns: 4:00pm (approx)

*** GIFT VOUCHERS *** – Available in-store