Aaron <br>Potto

Dive Experience:

Aaron started his diving journey in 2016, in that time he has progress through the ranks of recreational diving as well as professional level diving earning multiple specialty certifications including Wreck, Deep and O2 provider. Earning his Divemaster qualification in 2018 and then going on to qualify as ADAS part 1, 2 and 3 in commercial diving in 2019.

Where have you dived?

Komodo, Raja Ampat, Tasmania and all the local dive sites around Rockingham

Favourite Dives?

Definitely Raja Ampat, because its full of fish and corals, the colours are unbelievable.

Diving Passion?

Commercial Diving, because its interesting and always different.

Favorite Sea Creature?

Moray eels and Manta rays

Dream Destination?

Galapagos Islands