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Divers enter an alien world filled with fascinating images and awesome beauty. The creatures, fish and coral environment are a dazzling array of colours, shapes and patterns that defy accurate description by words alone.

Learn how to use your equipment effectively
So why isn’t every diver taking photos?
  • FICTION: Taking photos underwater is hard.
  • FACT: Most of the new basic equipment controls most of the functions required underwater.
  • FICTION: Equipment is expensive.
  • FACT: Photography equipment can start from just a few hundred dollars.
Are you travelling overseas soon…?

Tourist Refund Scheme:
Equipment can now be purchased from SCUBANAUTICS within a month of travelling overseas and the GST portion can be refunded to you at the Airport.
Minimum purchase of $300

GoPro Cameras

Check out the latest in GoPro Cameras – Click Here

Intova Australia

Intova Australia – Enhancing Recreation
To view the Intova range of Waterproof cameras, Video Cameras, Lighting Systems & accessories click here

INTOVA Sports HD Video Camera (1080pHD)
$259.95 (price as of March 2014)

INTOVA Digital IC14 Sports Camera & Housing
$459.95 (price as of Marcch 2014)

Plus a full range of accessories for above items including Lens Filters, Lighting Systems and Arms, Attachments,Mounts and Straps.

*** Check out the Comparison Video below between the GoPro and Intova Cameras.

Intova Sport HD Video Camera :

Small and compact, Sport HD offers full 1080p High Definition Video with a 140 degree wide angle lens. This design allows the maximum view angle without the significant distortion found in wider lens angles. Sport HD supports Micro SD card up to 32 GB (Class 6 or 10 recommended). Intova’s unique and patented Unibody design builds the electronics directly into the compact housing. The housing floats and is constructed of rugged polycarbonate injected with UV.

The lens port receives a proprietary UV treatment to increase scratch resistance and reduce reflection. Its flat design allows seamless operation above or below water. Waterproof to 200 feet, the housing includes buttons for full camera control in any environment.